Year 3 COMPLETE Curriculum Pack

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Year 3 COMPLETE Curriculum Pack

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You can choose the level of English, Maths and Science depending on your child's ability.

English: The English scheme uses a variety of international fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts as the basis for activities which promote creativity and critical thinking. Comprehension, grammar and punctuation, phonics, spelling and vocabulary are developed through integrated tasks with the unit text.

Maths: Three levels of ability are covered in each unit. Your child will have support or extension material in every lesson. Answer book included.

Science: Plants; Healthy Eating; Skeletons; Rocks and Soils; Light; Forces and Magnets.

History: We recommend two History components for Year 3. If you follow our recommendations throughout Key Stage 2 (that is, from Year 3 to Year 6), your child will have covered all the History required by the National Curriculum in England. You may make different choices for these two components by clicking on the drop-down boxes. Whatever you choose for these two components, they are both included in the price for the Pack. You may wish to add a third History component to your Pack by following the Extra KS2 History option below; if you do choose a third History component, this will be charged extra as indicated.

Geography: Village life around the world; Weather around the world; My environment; Communications with the world; What's in the news?; the United Kingdom.

Art: Skills in drawing and painting.

This COMPLETE Curriculum Pack contains a Weekly Schedule for all the above subjects except Art.

ICT: ICT is an optional extra. If you would like to add ICT to your Pack, please add Primary ICT below to your basket.

Note: The Weekly Schedule represents the majority of the selling price of this pack and it is personalised for each child.