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GCSEs have undergone considerable revision in recent years. The controversy over whether coursework, which had been a major component of GCSE grading, gave an accurate picture the student's own work, resulted in coursework being reduced to controlled assessment in many subjects. But even controlled assessment can be problematic for the home educator.

SHL have researched GCSE and International GCSE (IGCSE®) courses available from a number of examination boards, and we have selected courses which are based on examination only - there is no coursework to be assessed.

IGCSEs are very popular throughout the independent schools sector, and are highly regarded as being more challenging than GCSEs, while allowing all levels of ability to be measured. IGCSEs have a single-tier entry and results are graded from A to F just like GCSEs.

In the past, there was political pressure from the Department for Education dissuading state schools from adopting IGCSEs despite their popularity, but for some time now the government has taken a more pragmatic view and IGCSEs are being chosen in favour of GCSEs in many schools.

We have made each subject as straightforward as possible. We provide the weekly plan for the two years of study, and all textbooks and support materials to help you know exactly what your son or daughter needs to know in order to successfully complete the course.

We believe that a full education involves the development of research skills, the ability to sift and analyse information, to exercise discernment, to formulate hypotheses and to develop and defend opinions. We also recognise that good exam grades are important gateways to higher education.

To this end, we have selected student textbooks and teacher resource books and guides written by the top examiners in their field to help your child achieve the highest grades.

The textbooks contain typical exam questions with model answers to help you show your son or daughter how to gain the extra marks that can make all the difference to the final grade. We provide a study schedule for the whole two years, with revision time included, so that you always know you're on target to complete the course in time for the examination.

You are in complete control of the timetable

Of course, one of the advantages of home education is that your child can study at his/her own pace. You don't have wait until your child reaches the age of 14 before s/he begins to prepare for IGCSEs, nor does your child have to study for two years before s/he sits the exam. Your child can take some IGCSEs early, and some later, depending on their level of ability.

We've also arranged the study schedule so that your child can plan to have completed the whole syllabus in 64 weeks, 48 weeks, or even 32 weeks if s/he wishes. This means that your child can begin studying at any time of year, and prepare to sit the exam within 12 months, within 18 months or within two years.

The textbooks we provide give you all the information your son or daughter needs to learn the subject fully. Our IGCSE® Study Packs do not involve any external marking, as we believe that progression is much more effective through discussing each piece of the student's work, and marking it with the tools provided, highlighting exactly the additional material which would have resulted in a higher grade.

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IGCSE Biology

IGCSE® Biology (0610) covers the following topics:+  Classification+  Cells+  Movement in and out of cells+  The chemicals of life+  Enzymes+  Plant n...
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IGCSE Combined Science

IGCSE® COMBINED SCIENCE (0653) covers the following topics:BiologyCharacteristics of living organismsCellsEnzymesNutritionTransportationRespirationCo-...
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IGCSE Coordinated Sciences

The IGCSE® Coordinated Sciences double award (0654) covers the following topics:BiologyCharacteristics of living organismsCellsBiological moleculesEnz...
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IGCSE English Language

This Study Pack provides everything you need to study the Cambridge IGCSE® English Language 0990 syllabus and prepare for the examination.The Study Pa...
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IGCSE English Literature

The study of English Literature is an enriching experience, widening understanding of a variety of ideas and viewpoints by writers from around the wor...
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IGCSE Geography

For this Study Pack, Structured Home Learning has used materials which completely cover the Cambridge IGCSE® Geography 0976 syllabus, written by exami...
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IGCSE History

The Student coursebook and Revision guide provide the information and practice in using the variety of historical skills you need to understand the ma...
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IGCSE Mathematics CORE

This Study Pack provides everything you need to study the Cambridge IGCSE® Mathematics 0980 syllabus and prepare for the core examination (expected gr...
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IGCSE Mathematics HIGHER

This Study Pack provides everything you need to study the Cambridge IGCSE® Mathematics 0980 syllabus and prepare for the higher examination (expected ...
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