About Us

All the team at Structured Home Learning share a commitment to educational excellence, with each member contributing their unique experience covering pre-school, infant, primary, secondary and tertiary education, admin, sales, marketing and finance.The founder and Educational Director of Structured Home Learning is Lindsay Brown.

Lindsay has been working in the home education sector, designing and supplying home education materials, since 2005. She has a BA Honours degree in Literature and European and Asian History, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, and taught in primary schools for five years before deciding to home educate her two youngest children.

She recognized the need to make a full UK-based curriculum available to parents who wanted to home educate, using the very best materials, and at a reasonable price.

Structured Home Learning carefully selects and evaluates the best educational resources currently on the market in the UK, and creates parents' guidance notes and easy-to-follow work schedules following the National Curriculum for England at Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Now in its seventeenth year, Structured Home Learning has customers on every continent and has built a solid reputation for providing high quality materials covering the UK National Curriculum.

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