Key Stage 1 ENHANCED Curriculum Pack

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Key Stage 1 ENHANCED Curriculum Pack

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The Enhanced Key Stage 1 Curriculum Pack combines the Complete Year 1 and Enhanced Year 2 Curriculum Packs, and saves you money.

English: The English scheme uses a variety of international fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts as the basis for activities which promote creativity and critical thinking. Comprehension, grammar and punctuation, phonics, spelling and vocabulary are developed through integrated tasks with the unit text.

Maths: Workbooks with three levels of ability for each unit. The work closely follows the Maths framework incorporating strategies for mental arithmetic and problem-solving.

Science: Plants; animals; the five senses; properties of materials; the seasons; Living things; lifecycles; properties of materials.

History: Florence Nightingale; Isambard Kingdom Brunel; Louis Braille'; Pocahontas; The Great Fire of London; the Olympics; the coronation of Elizabeth II; the Gunpowder Plot. Children can compare the present directly with the past.
Geography: Plans; the local area; going places; Continents, countries, seas and oceans; islands, the seaside; globes and maps; China; climate; the United Kingdom.
Art: A range of techniques and materials; skills in drawing and painting.

This ENHANCED Curriculum Pack contains a Weekly Schedule for all the above subjects over a two-year period, except Art, PLUS the following resources:

  • English: Revision Study Guide
  • Maths: Revision Study Guide; Set of Cuisenaire rods
  • Science: Revision Study Guide; Experiments using household equipment
  • Cookery: Beginning cooking skills and simple recipes
  • Music: Classical music with a story
  • An encyclopaedia

ICT: ICT is an optional extra. If you would like to add ICT to your Pack, please add Primary ICT below to your basket.

Note: The Weekly Schedule represents the majority of the selling price of this pack and it is personalised for each child.