Brights Basics ABC Tubbies

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Brights Basics ABC Tubbies

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Your Bright Basics ABC Tubbies is the perfect tool to help create teachable moments between you and your child.

Little minds are shaped by meaningful experiences and when one is teaching, two are learning! 

Continue to spark your child’s curiosity and love of learning with the following activities:

  • Match It! Together with your child, pop out and match each
    letter to its animal friend. Take turns sounding out the letters
    and naming each animal. Letter and sound recognition are the
    beginning steps to reading development.
  • Spell It! Brainstorm and form three letter words together. Also
    known as C-V-C words, these words follow a consonant, vowel,
    consonant pattern. Examples include CAT, DOG, FUN. Recognizing
    words and the ability to match sounds within words build
    phonemic awareness, an essential element for early readers.
  • Sing It! Sing the Alphabet song together. Can you create
    a new song or story together using Bright Basics ABC
    Tubbies? Listening, singing, and repetition support language