IGCSE History

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IGCSE History

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The Student coursebook and Revision guide provide the information and practice in using the variety of historical skills you need to understand the major events which happened in the twentieth century. The examinations at the end of the course will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding that history is not just a list of dates but the interplay of the hopes and dreams of real people, their actions and reactions, which have had a profound effect on the lives of everyone in the world.

This Study Pack covers the Twentieth Century option of the Cambridge IGCSE® History 0977 syllabus, with the USA 1919-41 as the Depth Study. The other topics covered are:

  • The Treaty of Versailles
  • The League of Nations
  • The USA against Communism
  • The USSR in Eastern Europe
  • The Gulf States 1970-2000

The study pack contains:

  • Student coursebook
    • written by the examiners
  • Revision Guide and CD-ROM
    • Topic timelines
    • Examples of exam questions
  • Textbook featuring the Depth Study
  • Weekly Schedule
    • designed to prepare you for the examination in 64 weeks, 48 weeks, 32 weeks
    • Structured revision time

Note: The Weekly Schedule represents the majority of the selling price of this Study Pack.