IGCSE Coordinated Sciences

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IGCSE Coordinated Sciences

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The IGCSE® Coordinated Sciences double award (0654) covers the following topics:


  • Characteristics of living organisms
  • Cells
  • Biological molecules
  • Enzymes
  • Plant nutrition
  • Animal nutrition
  • Transport
  • Gas exchange and respiration
  • Coordination and response
  • Reproduction
  • Inheritance
  • Organisms and their environment
  • Human influences on ecosystems


  • The particulate nature of matter
  • Experimental techniques
  • Atoms, elements and compounds
  • Stoichiometry
  • Electricity and chemistry
  • Energy changes in chemical reactions
  • Chemical reactions
  • Acids, bases and salts
  • The Periodic Table
  • Metals
  • Air and water
  • Sulphur
  • Carbonates


  • Motion
  • Work, energy and power
  • Thermal physics
  • Properties of waves, including light and sound
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Electric circuits
  • Electromagnetic effects
  • Atomic physics

The study pack contains:

  • Teacher Resource DVD-ROM
    • support with planning, delivery and assessment
    • customisable and time-saving teaching guides for each chapter
    • lesson planning, worksheets, homework ideas, etc.
  • Coursebook with CD-ROM
    • comprehensively covers the knowledge and skills required in these courses
    • engaging activities in every chapter help students develop practical and investigative skills
    • end-of-chapter questions help to track progress.
    • CD-ROM contains self-assessment checklists for making drawings, constructing and completing results tables, drawing graphs and designing experiments; answers to all the end-of-chapter questions and auto-marked multiple-choice self tests.
  • Physics Workbook
  • Chemistry Workbook
  • Biology Workbook
  • Weekly Schedule
    • designed to prepare you for the examination in 64 weeks, 48 weeks or 32 weeks
    • structured revision time

Note: The Weekly Schedule represents the majority of the selling price of this Study Pack.