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The Foundation Stage Curriculum Pack contains all the materials you need to teach your child to read and write, begin counting, adding, sorting into groups and recognising shapes, and introduces science concepts.

Literacy: We use a synthetic phonics programme and cross-referenced handwriting workbooks to teach your child to recognise letters and to write simple words.

Numeracy: Using a very practical approach with everyday materials, early maths concepts such as counting objects, writing numbers, and sorting are developed. The practical work helps to reinforce understanding and helps your child to apply this to the real world. Workbooks are included for recording.

Science: We include a book of science investigations using household materials to help your child develop key scientific skills such as prediction, observation, measuring and recording.

History and Geography: Your child is introduced to history by looking at homes and toys in the past and comparing them to the present day. Your child will also learn about how children live in other parts of the world.

Technology: We include a compendium of art, craft, cooking and play ideas to encourage creativity, fine motor skills and a rounded education.

Music: An introduction to classical music through a well-known fairy tale.

Note: The Weekly Schedule represents the majority of the selling price of this pack and it is personalised for each child.