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Year 9 Curriculum Pack

The ESSENTIAL Curriculum Pack contains a daily timetable for all the following subjects:

  • English: The English component aims to excite and motivate parents and students by making learning relevant and supporting parents. Addressing key concerns raised in recent Ofsted reports as well as meeting the needs of the new KS3 National Curriculum, the Student Books are structured around thematic units that cover a variety of forms as well as including unique immersive production based-units. The English has a core focus on engaging students by connecting their skill development, through the theme of the unit, with Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills used in a range of relevant and interesting jobs in the outside world.
  • Maths: Sequencing, functions and graphs; fractions, decimals and ratio; equations and formulae; geometrical reasoning and constructions; handling data; measures; place value and calculations; factors, indices and graphs; probability; transformations; problem solving; connecting, displaying and analysing data; angles and shapes; more probability; revision.
  • Science: Inheritance and selection; fit and healthy; plants and photosynthesis; plants for food; forensics; reactions of metals and metal compounds; rock cycle; patterns of reactivity; environmental chemistry; energy and electricity; gravity and space; speeding up; pressure and moments.
  • ICT: As an optional extra, available at 3 different levels. See here for details.

The COMPLETE Curriculum Pack, as well as the above, contains a daily timetable for the following subjects.

  • History: The Industrial Revolution and the British Empire (1745-1901); War and independence (1901 to the present day).
  • Geography: Weathering of rock; the Earth's resources; Human geography - employment; International development; plate tectonics; Russia; the Middle East.

The ENHANCED Curriculum Pack for Year 9 also has the following resources:

  • Multi-media Shakespeare component: to support English
  • Art: Developing a range of artistic techniques
  • Music: Classical music
  • Cookery: Aimed at your child becoming an independent cook, with a range of healthy meals
  • Encyclopedia

[Note: Pack contents may differ from those illustrated because we continuously strive to improve all our products]

Click below to see samples of Year 9 Pack English, Maths and Science work:

Whichever type of pack you buy, you can choose between Year 8 and Year 9 for English, for Maths and for Science.