Structured Home Learning - SHL

Year 1 Curriculum Pack

The ESSENTIAL Curriculum Pack contains a daily timetable for all the following subjects:

  • English: The English scheme uses a variety of international fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts as the basis for activities which promote creativity and critical thinking. Comprehension, grammar and punctuation, phonics, spelling and vocabulary are developed through integrated tasks with the unit text.
  • Maths: A CD-ROM with three levels of ability (reinforcement plus extension) for every unit covering the Key Stage 1 Maths framework. Worksheets as you need them, and revise work if necessary.
  • Science: Plants; animals; the five senses; properties of materials; the seasons.
  • ICT: As an optional extra, available at 5 different levels. See here for details.

The COMPLETE Curriculum Pack, as well as the above, contains a daily timetable for the following subjects (except Art).

  • History: Florence Nightingale; Isambard Kingdon Brunel; Louis Braille; Pocahontas. Children can compare the present directly with the past.
  • Geography: Plans; the local area; going places; the United Kingdom.
  • Art: A range of techniques and materials.

The ENHANCED Curriculum Pack for Year 1 also has science experiments, classical music with a story, cookery and an encyclopedia.

Click below to see samples of Year 1 Pack English, Maths and Science work:

Whichever type of pack you buy, you can choose between Year 1 and Year 2 for English, for Maths and for Science.