Structured Home Learning - SHL

Educational resources

In response to parents' enquiries, we have introduced a range of new products to help your children learn more effectively. These resources are very practical, and many of them can be used over a number of years.

Maths: Having objects which can be manipulated and visually represent maths concepts can make a real difference to your child's understanding. Base Ten units and Cuisenaire Rods may be used separately or alongside the scheduled maths in the Curriculum Packs to help reinforce the work.

Guided Reading: Parents often ask for recommended books for children. These reading guides offer suggestions for discussion and written activities to enhance shared reading. Each guide covers six books with an overview of chapters.

Extra resource materials: Sometimes parents need a concise reference guide to help explain a concept, or to reassure themselves that they are setting work out correctly. We offer subject guides for primary and secondary in English, Maths, Science and ICT to support you at home. Each guide gives an overview for four years at Key Stage 2 and three years at Key Stage 3.

You can order educational Resources online using our secure server, and your materials will normally be delivered within 2 weeks: