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More options with SHL's New SEN Packs

SHL knows each child is unique

Recognising the importance of each child's abilities and needs, SHL from the outset has developed home education packs that can be customised to meet a wide range of requirements. Our standard packs can be built with core subjects a year behind or ahead; the scheduling allows for faster or slower progress as needed; and the materials are selected to provide reinforcement and extension activities at each step. Our packs, combined with the support of a home education environment, mean that most children are able to learn much more efficiently, and happily, than in a mainstream setting, regardless of any special needs (SEN), EHCPs, or educational statements.

Parent and child reading

One size does not fit all

Nevertheless, over the years we have worked closely with the parents of some children for whom accessing our standard packs proved too difficult. In some cases we have been able to take advantage of the flexibility afforded by home education and suggest techniques and strategies to overcome particular difficulties. For others, we developed bespoke packs to address emotional and understanding difficulties such as: staying focused, concentrating for extended periods, staying on task, sifting through information, and susceptibility to distractions.

We are pleased to now offer these SEN packs for general sale, as well as suggestions on how to make the most of standard packs as well.

Standard Packs are suitable for most SEN

Our standard packs are suitable even if your child:

Home education allows you to address your child's needs and our standard packs can be customised to their ability level. For additional support, you could:

For more support consider our Special Needs pack

Our targeted SEN packs may be more suitable if your child:

These packs have been designed with home educators to reacquaint your child with the joy of learning by:

Moving forwards

You may find that after a short time with the SEN pack, your child has more confidence and is eager to tackle the contents of a standard pack. Our customisation options make this a simple and seemless transition.